Yang talks about IP protection, Litigation Funding with CCTV4

JULY 5, 2018 – IPDEL’s Founder and General Manager, Pengfei Yang, landed an interview in China’s international channel, CCTV4, documentary segment regarding the Start-Up Chile (SUP) Seed Program of Chile’s government, done in Santiago, Chile.

Mr. Yang, representing IPDEL as the only Chinese company member of SUP Generation 19, was interviewed by CCTV-4 correspondent, Wang Jing.

Mr. Yang enthusiastically shares his entrepreneur experience being part of the Start-Up Chile and his story of putting up a business in another country. He also introduces IPDEL, a company specialized in the field of Intellectual Property (IP) aimed to provide an innovative anti-counterfeiting solution by facilitating in the identification and elimination of key counterfeit offenders in a most effective, efficient and practical way. As part of the solution in addressing the problem of counterfeiting, IPDEL likewise incorporates litigation funding into its platform. Litigation funding, however, remains a new concept in Chile. As such, Mr. Yang speaks out also as the pioneer in the introduction of litigation funding the justice system of Chile and Latin America.

The interview with China’s leading television channel is a big shot for IPDEL which offers an innovitative IP protection services here in Chile. The interview allows Mr. Yang to promote litigation funding, promote awareness for the protection of IP right, connect the market of Latin America and China, and lastly to make IPDEL known and closer to the Latin America.