IPDEL.COM War against Counterfeiting is in Santiago


Santiago, Chile – IPDEL.COM sets stronghold in Santiago, Chile to promote the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) rights against counterfeiting and infringements. Originally based in Beijing, China, IPDEL enters the Chilean market as part of Generation 19 of Start Up Chile Seed program, a Chilean government initiative accommodating early stage entrepreneurs who will strengthen the enterprise environment and support the culture of innovation in the country.

IPDEL is a global one-stop intellectual property platform. It aimed to protect the intellectual property (IP) rights of the owner by providing innovative anti-counterfeiting solution and by facilitating in the identification and elimination of key counterfeit offenders, in a most economical, convenient and efficient way.

Counterfeit cases and deceptive name brand products primarily becoming a major problem in Chile. In 2016 alone, Chilean Customs confiscated fake Adidas sneakers amounting to more or less USD31 million, and the number is continuously increasing up to the present.

As such, the presence of WIPC to combat counterfeit products and infringement of IP rights strengthens the fight of the Chile government against falsification of products and violation of IP rights in general.