Due to the requirements for having an original name that could best represent us, our company original name World IP Center (WIPC) has been changed to IPDEL (or IPDEL.COM) since May 21, 2018.

Although the company name has been changed, we will continue to operate in its current structure. Our original business scope, company type, mission, and objectives, among others, remain the same. All kinds of contracts and agreements are still legally valid. Other than these visible changes, there is no change in ownership and no change in staff. Our new internet address will be www.ipdel.com.

With the aim to protect the intellectual property (IP) rights of the owner by facilitating in the identification and elimination of key counterfeit offenders in a most effective, efficient and practical way, we, IPDEL, look forward to continuing to serve you under our new name.

Should you have any questions regarding this name change, please feel free to contact us through our website.