Utah apparel maker files violation lawsuit lawsuit against L.L. Bean

A Salt Lake City clothing company is suing L.L. Bean, alleging the Maine retailer's latest ad campaign, "Be An Outsider," is a trademark infringement.

The Salt Lake City-based company, KUHL, filed lawsuit on Oct. 2 in U.S. District Court in Utah under the name Alfwear. The Bangor Daily News reports the lawsuit was filed against L.L. Bean at its Lewiston location.

The Salt Lake City company indicates in a statement that it owns all rights for the "The Outsider."It says L.L. bean's ad campaign, "Be an Outsider" infringes on its trademark rights.

An L.L. Bean spokeswoman shows the company does not comment on pending litigation.

“Bean’s actions are likely to lead the public to incorrectly conclude that Bean’s goods or services originate with, or are authorized by, Alfwear, which will damage both Alfwear and the public,” the suit said.

The Murray, Utah-based company has demanded L.L. Bean cease and desist its use of the phrase in sales of outdoor clothing.The company alleges loss of sales & profits, and requests L.L. Bean to pay monetary fees.