The Platform of WIPC – World Intellectual Property Center

The One Belt One Road (OBOR) Initiative launched by the Government of China proposes the creation of new economic corridors, spanning countries that contain almost two-thirds of the world’s population and account for one-third of the world’s wealth. The New Silk Road initiative is inspired by and symbolic of the old Silk Road from China to Europe. OBOR will enable closer connections among nations and enhance development by creating new opportunities for trade, investment, economic activities, technological innovation, and the movement of people.

With the Implement of China's OBOR Initiative, a growing number of mulnational corporations venture overseas to explore new markets and investments. As an intellectual property lawyer, my clients often asked me how to better protect their ip rights and avoid potential disputes in overseas markets. "Well the first step is to understand the laws and regulations in other countries. However, distance, lack of transparency in practice, and markets where the rule of intellectual property is comparatively weak all make it difficult for mulnational corporations to protect their IP rights overseas".

WIPC ( ) is a global one-stop intellectual property platform with more than 200 IP attorneys & staff members in three offices (Beijing, Zhengzhou, New South Wales). By utilizing the internet (PC+APP), we try to integrate global IP resources, reduce information asymmetry, and make international intellectual property protection easy for corporations. Wherever our users are in the world, in whatever industry, they can track the protection process online and monitor the infringement anytime. Global reach with local knowledge and international understanding.

WIPC believes in treating our clients the way they would like to be treated, with personal, efficient and flat fee services. Our goal is make every step of the IP protection process easier and more effective for clients – no matter what the case entails. Up to now, we have been successfully achieved the goal of gaining more than 200 new users each month. This number is continuing to grow.

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