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Patent Registration


A patent registration helps in getting an intellectual property right to an invention carried out by an individual/firm. The invention can be anything such as process, art, method to manufacture, particular apparatus, machine, computer software, technical application, chemicals or drugs. 


PCT National Phase


A PCT application doesn’t automatically lead to global patent protection. Instead, you eventually need to apply for patents in each of the countries and regions where you wish to pursue patent protection. This involves filing separate applications at the “national stage” (or phase – the terms are interchangeable), which occurs 30 or 31 months after the priority application’s filing date. Each country or region has its own set of requirements and deadlines for PCT national stage filing. We can help with this stage in multiple countries.


Patent National Application Based on A Foreign Filing


If you already have filed a patent application in one country, you can file a new application within 12 months in another country. We can prepare and file the application in more than 120 territories. For filing a national application we need the patent specifications including the summary, application text, claims and drawings. In addition, if you are claiming a foreign priority we need the original patent details including, country, filing date, title, owner and inventors.


Worldwide Experts, World-class Service


We proudly operate in 120 countries in the world. Our worldwide capabilities make it possible for us to provide professional service to more markets, and help you register patents internationally. What's more, we have highly experienced patent specialists in each country. This ensures that your consultant knows the ins and outs of your region, and can provide you with a seamless, stress-free experience. Global reach with local knowledge and international understanding. 

Online Tracking of The Process


Our online customer account system contains a list of all patents each client has filed with us, along with the detailed information about each patent (e.g. filing number, filing date, registration number). The system is also set up to send out important reminders. 



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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the consequences of failure to perform the acts required for entry into the PCT National Phase?

The consequences where, on expiration of the applicable time limit for entering the PCT National Phase, the required acts have not been performed, are that the international application loses the effect of a national application and the procedure comes to an end in respect of each Office before which they have not been performed. Non-performance of the required acts in respect of a certain Office does not alter this effect of the international application before the other Offices. The automatic loss of the effect relieves the applicant, where he decides not to pursue the international application in the PCT National Phase, of the need to expressly withdraw the international application or the designation or election of a certain State. Where the applicant fails to perform the required acts in time, he may ask the designated Office to maintain the effect of the international application and to excuse the delay.


In what case must the international application be translated?

A translation of the international application must be furnished if the language in which it was filed or published is not a language admitted by the designated Office.


What is the language into which the international application must be translated?

The language or languages prescribed by the designated Offices are given in the National Chapter (Summary) relating to each Office. Where several languages are given, the applicant may choose the language which suits him best. It should be noted that the language in which the translation of the international application is furnished is usually also the language for the whole procedure before the designated Office.


Is the use of national forms mandatory for entry into the PCT National Phase?

No applicant may be required to use a national form to perform the acts prescribed for entry into the PCT National Phase. Several Offices do, however, keep such forms at the disposal of applicants, and their use is recommended. The National Chapters contain information about existing forms, and the annexes to the Chapters reproduce samples of them.


How long is a patent valid?

The validity period of a patent is dependent on the maintenance costs that you pay. If you pay the maintenance fees for a shorter period, the validity is also shorter. If you stop paying the maintenance fees, the validity of your patent also stops.


Can I discuss details of my invention with a potential investor before filing for patent?

Disclosing the details to an investor poses a risk for invention not meeting the patentability criteria i.e. the invention ceases to be novel and non-obvious. Therefore it is important that you should first file an application to register the patent and then disclose the details to a potential investor. If disclosing the details to an investor or business partner is unavoidable then, in such instance it should be accompanied by a non-disclosure agreement.





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