IPDEL’s Yang: “Eventually, we will be in the forefront in the fight against counterfeiting.”

“We need to take initiative in addressing the problem of counterfeiting not just in Chile but in Latin America.”

This is the statement of the Founder and General Manager of IPDEL, Pengfei Yang, delivered before the faculty and students of Hongkong University in a small talk conference held in Santiago, last June 12, 2018.

The faculty and students of Hongkong University are currently in Chile for an academic research tour. On the course of their stay in the country, however, they were given the chance for a small talk conference with Start-Up Chile. Start-Up Chile is one of the most innovative companies in Latin America, aimed to attract young entrepreneurial talent from around the world to Chile to catalyze the development of home-grown, high-growth start-ups. The said program has already attracted global attention, especially from Asia.

IPDEL’s Yang was invited to be a speaker for the said conference as one of the recipients of Start-Up Chile’s Seed Program. He emphasized the growing problem of counterfeiting in Latin America and the need to address the said problem. As such, he brought the company, IPDEL, in Chile in an effort to provide an innovative solution to counterfeiting and IP infringements in the most effective, efficient, and practical way.

He shared his personal experience and struggle of establishing a business away from home with an entirely different culture and language. He also stressed out how Start-Up helped him and turned as a family for him after he made Chile his new home for the past four months.

“It was not easy for me and IPDEL. But I believe this is just the start. Eventually, we will be in the forefront in the fight against counterfeiting and IP infringement in any form.”