IPDEL connects with Chile’s Customs

With the goal to commence cooperation in combating counterfeiting goods in Chile, IPDEL sat down and discussed with the Regional Director of Customs for Valparaiso, Myriam Gutierrez Vivar, in a meeting joined by the legal team of Customs held in their regional office in Valparaiso, last May 31, 2018.

The port of Valparaiso is one of Chile's important and passenger port. It plays a major role as the common entry point of counterfeit products in the country, and in Latin America region in general. As such establishing relationship and contact with the customs of Valparaíso are necessary.

IPDEL presented its company's goals and plan of actions, and the Customs manifested strong interest towards the former's service. Both parties manifest willingness for further cooperation to solve the problem of counterfeiting in Valparaiso port.

This newly formed connection of IPDEL with the Regional Customs of Valparaiso bolster the strategy to counter IP infringement and counterfeit cases in Chile. This, however, is only the beginning for IPDEL in its quest to solve the problem of counterfeiting worldwide.