IBM sues Expedia, alleging the breaches of patented technology

Technology multinational IBM Corp. is suing travel conglomerate Expedia Inc., alleging that the popular travel site has been infringing on several of its patents for years, some of which date back to the early days of the internet. According to IBM, Expedia, which owns a range of other travel sites including Orbitz, Hotwire and , is breaching patents relating to how online content is delivered, including aspects like ad technology, sign on processes, tracking previous communications with users and more.

Digging into the details, at first glance the patents themselves seem awfully broad, perhaps not surprisingly given some date back to the 1980s and describe practices that would seem, in some cases, to be in common use in 2018.

IBM argued that Expedia and its subsidiaries are using the mobile applications, which run on the technology claimed by the patents.The technology company added that they have tried to negotiate a licensing agreement with Expedia since 2014.As the spokesperson of IBM indicated, the company invests more than $5 billion annually in development & research and relies on its patents to protect the investment. Over the past three years, IBM has tried to reach a fair and reasonable patent licence agreement with Expedia. IBM hope that they can conclude a fair conclusion with Expedia under which Expedia will acknowledge its obligation and compensate IBM for using IBM's patented technology.