Azerbaijan leader in CIS for intellectual property protection

The ranking of countries in Global Competitiveness Index shows that Azerbaijan became the leader among the CIS countries in the field of intellectual property protection,

The rating is made on 12 positions and from the point of view of intellectual property the first position – "Institutes" and the 12th – "Innovation" – are of great importance.

Azerbaijan, having scored 4.8 points, takes the 37th place in the "Institutes" position on the indicator "Protection of Intellectual Property". Thus, in comparison with the past periods of "2016-2017" (71st place) and "2015-2016" (65th place) Azerbaijan rose to more than 30 places.

In the "Protection of Intellectual Property", Azerbaijan ranks 1st among the CIS countries and is the undisputed leader among the countries of the South Caucasus, ahead of Armenia by 38 places and Georgia by 58 places respectively.

In the "Innovation" position related to the protection of intellectual property, Azerbaijan, occupying the 33rd line, is also the leader among the CIS countries, ahead of Armenia, occupying the 70th place and Georgia 118th place.