Apple Ordered to Pay $440m for Infringing VirnetX Patents

A U.S. District Court judge in Texas released a Final Judgment on Monday in which it establishes that Apple's motions were denied in an ongoing patent infringement case against VirnetX Inc, where the latter alleged Apple infringed patents related to its Facetime and IMessage features. All of VirnetX's motions were granted, including one for willful infringement and one for an enhanced royalty rate from $1.20 to $1.80 per device.                                                                                                           The court ruling comes after years of legal feuds between Apple and VirnetX. The legal battle began in 2010 when IP Holding Company (some would say patent troll) VirnetX first filed suit against Apple of using its patents for VPN on Demand, IMessage and Facetime without licensing them. The sum includes the jury verdict of $302.4 million announced last year, additional willful infringement of $41.3 million (upping the royalty rate per device to $1.80 from the $1.20 originally determined a year ago); and interest, costs and attorney fees of $96 million. This results in total damages due by Apple of Dollars 343.7 million.                                             

Other companies like Microsoft have also lost cases to VirnetX, which is sometimes deemed as a "patent troll" as VirnetX often makes news for filing patent lawsuits.