Amazon Patents A Drone That Can Wirelessly Charge Electric Cars

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a patent for a drone that Amazon will be able to charge batteries of electric cars that are in need of recharging, anywhere and anytime.  

According to a US Patent office document, the company was granted US patent number 9,778,653, otherwise known as Systems, devices and methods delivering energy using an uncrewed autonomous vehicle.’Once summoned, the drone would approach the vehicle, wirelessly communicate, and match speed. Then some type of apparatus would protrude from the top of the vehicle so that the drone could dock and provide the necessary “juice".

The image indicates a number of methods through which the drone could be attached to the vehicle which is in need for recharging. This included retractable docking systems & a clamp-based method. And as the drone itself is rechargeable it won’t be difficult for it to replenish itself and resume work without a big gap.

Registering a patent is one thing, but obtaining a drone in the field is another, especially with a series of US rules that limit flying heights and areas for drones. Earlier this year, a group of Stanford scientists stated it was possible to wirelessly transfer electricity to a nearby moving object—in their case, an LED lightbulb. But that experiment involved the transfer of a 1-milliwatt charge, far from the tens of kilowatts required for fueling an electric car.